Book a Room or Restaurant

Whether you have a birthday party, big announcement party or just want to have a smaller private function we can accommodate. 

Venues could be the 60 seater Restaurant Room, the 120 seater SSRC 'Sports' Bar or the 300 seater Ballroom.

Toilet facilies are accessible from any of the three bookable areas.

Send an enquiry through the Contact Us area to get a very competitive price – it could even be Free!!


If you wish to have catering for your event, please let us know when booking your event or room and we will get back to you regarding the costs. 

The catering costs depends on your requirements and numbers of meals required and is tailored to give you the best value for money.


A booking of the SSRC 'Sports' bar is possible either independently of or in conjunction with larger bookings of the Ballroom or the Restaurant.