SSRC Sports Bar

The Shorts Sports & Recreation Club (SSRC) ‘Sports’ Bar is a 120 seater lounge style bar area and has regular big screen TV showings of all the top sports events.

The SSRC 'Sports' Bar also holds various promotions, including facilitating quizes and other smaller scale events.

The pool table area is in its own purpose built room with direct access to the lounge bar area.

The adjoining Snooker table area is for use by Snooker sub section members. 

A booking of the SSRC 'Sports' bar is possible either independently of or in conjunction with larger bookings of the Ballroom or the Restaurant 50 plus seater area.

To book, visit the Book A Room area of this website. 

Keep an eye on the News page and Calendar for events in the SSRC 'Sports' Bar